Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine

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Cuisines Chinese Szechuan
Business Hour 6pm till 11.30pm daily

The Stylish Chinese Cuisine which established in 1987 London UK. The restaurant was voted The Best Restaurant of the Year by What’s on in London & Store Magazine, New York. Restaurant owner Dave Chin’s number 4th restaurant in town was only opened few months ago and was not publicly launched.

精選套餐 D Chin's Prefix Menu D RM128++ per person (min 4 pax)


Szechuan Steamboat

Cuisines Szechuan Steamboat
Business Hour 11 am - 11 pm

What was interesting was the sauces they served which included a sesame seed sauce, a "ma-la" sauce, a "fu yi" (fermented bean curd_ sauce which I really liked and a peanut butter sauce. The peanut butter sauce helps to take the sting out of some of the "ma-la" meat.

Jiu Jiu Szechuan Restaurant

Cuisines Szechuan

The interior was cosy with red walls and dark wooden chairs.

Jin Shan Cheng

Cuisines Szechuan Steamboat

This place is good for their steamboat but not really for their side dishes.

We had a grand old time that night, we did. What’s more, when the bill came, the steamboat plus all the side dishes cost us only RM47 per head.

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