Genting Palace Restaurant

Top 10 Restaurants in Pahang
Cuisines Chinese Pork-Free
Business Hour Breakfast (inc Sunday & Public Holidays) 9.00am – 12.00 noon Lunch (Daily) 12.00 noon – 2.30pm Dim Sum available daily Dinner (Daily) Time: 6.00pm – 9.30pm

RM1,288 nett for 10 pax Lucky Salmon Yee Sang Braised Sharksfin with Dried Scallops and Fresh Crabmeat Steamed Szechuan-style Lampang Patin Fish Marinated Royal Mountain Chicken in Fine Soy Sauce Claypot-braised Pork Trotters and Baby Abalone with Sea Moss Sauteed Fresh Grass Prawns with Chef’s Special Sauce Fried Rice with Stewed Waxed Meat and Arrowroot Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb with “Tai Hai Nam” Pineapple Tarts


Charms Cafe

Cuisines Chinese Pork-Free
Business Hour Monday – Friday (10am – 10pm), Saturday and Sunday (10am – 10.30pm)

Charms is a place we hold pretty close to our hearts.

dropsofcontentment posted 44 Reviews

Ampang Yong Tow Foo

Cuisines Chinese Pork-Free
Business Hour 6-9pm (or while stock last) Close on Tue

Food Rating 9/10, one of my fav.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Pacific Seafood Village

Top 500 Restaurants in Melaka

This place is an airconditioned Chinese restaurant serving seafood.

Isthmus KL


ISTHMUS, and is affiliated to that chain of restaurants in Melbourne, Isthmus of Kra, Monsoon and Madam Fang. (ie, one of the owners owns or used to own those restaurants). I hear their trademark baked oysters in terra cotta plates will be featured here as well.

Sabah Tenom White Coffee Karamunsing Complex

Top 500 Restaurants in Sabah

If you want to taste different chef cooking, we have indian chef, malay chef, indo chef, philippine chef to cook for you, your friends and your family... Welcome to Sabah Tenom Coffee Open Air Food Court in KK


If you come to Sabah, must pay a visit to Sabah Tenom White Coffee Open Air Food Court... The seafood here is cheaper than other area in KK.

SabahTenomWhiteCoffee posted

Tang House of Fishball

Cuisines Chinese Pork-Free

Good Old Times Kopitiam

Cuisines Chinese Pork-Free
Business Hour Open Daily 8.15am to 10pm