Cuisines Pastries

This restaurant is well-known for its exquisite taste of ice-cream and expensive price. It would be nice to try Häagen-Dazs’s ice-cream if you haven’t done so.

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream still stands firm as one of the favourite premium ice creams and sorbets within competitive Klang Valley “frozen dessert” industry, even though artisan homemade ice cream such as Inside Scoop, Fatbaby, The Last Polka, etc. are seen taking over the trend for quite some time.

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Waffle World

Cuisines Pastries

Waffle is thick but dense. Pairing of ice-cream and blueberry is too sweet. A&W is still leading with its fluffy waffle.

我们以为很小一个而已..就一人叫一个..结果吃了很饱..后悔..><” 喝点咖啡提神一下..因为超想睡的..

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Arnor Crepes

Cuisines Pastries
Business Hour 10am – 10pm (daily)

Arnor Crepe is a famous brand in Taiwan, selling crepe that comes in many forms and varieties which can be eaten as meals, snacks or dessert.

Their crepes are divided into five sections, namely the meal series, delight series, sundae series, jam series and custard series. Price rannge is from RM6.90 to RM12.90.

summerkid posted www.malaysianflavours.com 568 Reviews