Kedai Makan Choy Kee

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Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 10.00am to 9.00pm Closed on Thursdays

Some of the other dishes we've ordered. Patin fish for RM95.40, Paku Vegetables for RM16.90. Paku Pakis seems to be very popular in Sungkai. It's difficult to get in Klang Valley and even if you do, it's not cheap. Anyhow, I would not recommend this place in Sungkai - the seafood aren't particularly fresh. The Patin fish tasted funny. Also, we ordered Paku Pakis with no sambal and it's not meant to go without sambal. Choy Kee is surprisingly not very cheap - it's just slightly cheaper than Klang Valley's regular prices. Perhaps it is one of the only Chinese restaurants in the area which allows them to mark food prices up. A restaurant in a small town is usually not that pricey.


Restoran Sun Kee

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Their famous and delicious salt baked chicken are very popular with KLites ( their top customers!) after frolicking in the nearby hot spring resort.

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