Curry Leaf Restaurant

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Business Hour Daily, 7:30am-10:30pm

We serve authentic Indian northern and southern cuisine and provide customized catering services, both Inhouse at our private function area or outdoor. Opening hours from 7am till 10.30pm everyday.

All in all, we enjoyed every single dish we had, albeit I thought some could have been spicier.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews
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The Sultani

Serving authentic North Indian and Persian Cuisine, The Sultani nestled on the top floor of Flamingo is perfect for any occasion, from small gatherings with family and friends, to wedding receptions and your child's first birthday party. With an ambiance that is elegant and romantic, it is also perfect for that special date with just you and your partner.

Ravi's Kitchen

Business Hour 10am-4pm

Chicken Briyani (Every Wednesday), Indian Food (Mon-Sat). NO MSG, Best indian fried chicken, banana leaf, On-the-spot fry. Basmati Rice. Previously know as Ravi's Corner