Leong Chee Kee Biscuits

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Chinese Snack
Business Hour 10 am to 6 pm daily Monday to Saturday (closes on Sunday)

The coconut tart is the specialty of Leong Chee Kee. They only make 300 pieces per day, so its best to to drop in at 9am to make the bookings personally as they do not accept telephone bookings.

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Weld Quay Goreng Pisang and Fried Fritters

Cuisines Snack
Business Hour 1.30pm – 7pm (Closed on Sunday)

A hawker stall along Weld Quay selling a variety of these deep-fried fritters which is one of Malaysia best tea time snacks.


I enjoy the crunchiness of all their fried fritters. Great snack for 3.15pm break. Be prepare for long queue.

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Penang Special Samosa

Cuisines Indian Snack
Business Hour Opening hours: Mon-Sat, Mornings about 9am til late evenings. Closed on Sundays.

Sunagi Dua

Cuisines Chinese Snack
Business Hour Operation hours is 12pm – 6pm. Closed on Monday and Thursday.

It’s cheap and good. The fruits used are fresh.

Penang Tanjung Bungah Goreng Pisang

Cuisines Snack
Business Hour 12.00noon to 6pm daily

Look out for this stall housed in a white van. It can be seen on the roadside after the Tanjung Bunga Police Station traffic light.

Noor Azam Apom Balik

Cuisines Local Snacks
Business Hour 12.00noon-6.00pm

En. Noor Azam has been selling his Apom Balik right in front of the General Post Office (Pos Besar Pulau Pinang) along Downing Street (Lebuh Downing) for more than a decade.

Uncle Bob Taiwan Styled Snacks

Cuisines Taiwan Snacks

Being the first to bring in this Taiwanese snack concept to Malaysia, Uncle Bob has been operating this business since 2002, spreading its mobile snack vans all over peninsular and east Malaysia.

Idris Karipap Ayam & Daging

Cuisines Local Snacks
Business Hour 12.00noon – 6.00pm Daily

Idris’s stall has been for about a decade. One walk near to the stall and you would see endless quantity of karipap being fried in a big wok.

Chulia Street Snacks

Cuisines Chinese Snack
Business Hour 8pm - 11.30pm Closed on Monday & Tuesday

This place, managed by a man with his two helpers, offer excellent fried goodies that are commonly available in dim sum shops. According to him, he has been selling this snack for almost twenty-eight years, with no sign of slowing down!

Crabmeat Popiah Stall

Cuisines Chinese Snack
Business Hour From lunch till around 5pm

The popiah (spring roll) sold in one of the stalls there is slightly different from the regular popiah. Besides all the main ingredients this version comes with crab meat.