Kedai Kopi Sunrise

Cuisines Chinese Western Local

This is a normal coffee shop,but there's a lot of nice foods.

New Sun Ho

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 0700 – 1400 (daily) Closed on Mondays

Food Rating 7/10, not bad lah~ -Stamped-

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Restaurant Hoong Pin

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 0700-1000 / Closed on Tuesdays

I had 1 serving of rice noodle rolls @ RM 1.40 together with a piece of fu pei (bean curd skin) & a piece of dao fu pok (fried puffy bean curd) @ RM 0.60 each. I had some green chili pickles to go with it. What a combo! posted 169 Reviews