Bar BQ Plaza

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Thai

Bar BQ Plaza is a franchise originated from Bangkok and recently they opened their first outlet in Malaysia, specialising in steamboat and grilling.


Went there for Father's Day dinner, and since I have a big family, we were placed at the corner with a bigger table. About 5 minutes to getting settled down, a baby cockroach showed up. We are Malaysians and don't like conflict, so we closed one eye. Soon, even more came and it was after the 5th or 6th cockroach that crawled on the table, we requested to move. Baby cockroaches can only mean that there are eggs in the wall or the creaks. If this were Australia or any other western country, the government would shut the place down. I really hope they do something about it and the worker did look quite embarrassed. Otherwise, food was good and I would go back, as long as we don't get seated in the corner again.

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Thai Hou Sek 泰好食

Cuisines Chinese Thai
Business Hour 10am - 10pm

Thai Hou Sek is a contemporary Thai-Chinese that serves comforting porkilicious meals. Our dishes are mainly inspired and taken a notch up from the Thai street food that are too scrumptious to resist!

Like what I always say, a Thai food is not authentic enough if they don't serve pork. So Thai Hou Sek is one of the most authentic Thai Food I tried recently in One Utama. Even thought the bill is a bit pricey, most importantly it does satisfy my crave on Thai Food on that day!


Just Thai

Cuisines Thai

Overall, we had enjoyable time at this restaurant. . .which is my friends favourite restaurant.

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Old Siam

Cuisines Thai
Business Hour 11.30am to 9.30pm daily

Old Siam Kopitiam, a humble kopitiam style restaurant tucked away at one of the corner in One Utama Shopping Centre.


The food sucks...a rip off customer's money..the kitchen is dirty...won't recommend go there..let the shop go bankrupt...

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Good Evening Bangkok

Cuisines Thai

Good Evening Bangkok is part of the SEA Cuisine restaurant chain that includes Absolute Thai. The restaurant adopts a simplistic yet urban and chic theme that can be seen throughout the restaurant.

One of the reason I like Good Evening Bangkok is the staff are super friendly.

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