Titi Eco Farm Resort (知知港生态农场度假村)

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Cuisines Organic

The organic movement or sustainable agricultural movement is spreading rapidly worldwide both for health and environmental reasons. In Malaysia, at Titi Eco Farm Resort we proudly offer you the opportunity to be part of this worldwide trend in consuming organic vegetables and fruits, where we grow our crops completely free of chemicals pesticides and chemical fertilizers at our farm. We put emphasis on building up fertile soil at the same time maintaining a healthy and harmonious environment, by making our own compost and organic fertilizers within the farm to ensure that our vegetables and fruits are of the highest quality. We also practice crop rotation, mixed planting and use predators for natural pest and disease control. Our varied organic products are distributed weekly through our distribution network to our customers. We welcome you to visit our farm, as we wish to share with you ideas on organic farming, environmental issues, etc. During your visit, you can see for yourself our genuine commitment to organic farming.