UK Loh Restaurant

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Cuisines Chinese

Pretty decent rice & noodles served with assortment of white/roast chicken, barbecue pork (char siew), roast pork (siew yoke), & roast duck. The best thing there, in my opinion, is the "siew yoke" - crispy skin & tender, flavourful meat! :)

perutbesi posted 230 Reviews

Porridge Hut Restaurant (粥王)

Top 500 Restaurants in Pahang
Cuisines Chinese

Located in Lorong Galing 2, Kuantan Pahang. People will come here for their Lunch, Dinner, Supper. There is quite a lot of variety of cook methods for your choices. This place is quite huge with lots of seating areas and it stretches from one end to another. The staff is attentive and efficient.


Frog legs are fresh, succulent, sweet and marinated perfectly. With good cooking method in this the chilies will not overpower the frog legs but adds more tasty taste to the porridge.

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