Kampar Kuih Nyonya Stall

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Specializing in authentic and delicious Nyonya Kuih from Kampar


Rare gem in Ipoh to satisfy crave for Nyonya kuih. This stall is managed by a couple where the wife makes all kueh the traditional way for years . They recently re-locate their stall to the Restoran Aleef at Canning Garden. Easy to find as it face the main road (the row of shops behind the market) Love her kuih for their homemade & authentic flavor ;not like those commercial imports, please! You can taste the difference the moment you sink your teeth into any of her kueh. She makes her daily and they are sold off mostly by lunch time. So each batches of her kueh are made fresh! Famous for her ang koo (including the rare black types) ,kuih talam and many more. Writing this makes me feel like having one of her kueh with my kopi-o now ! Try them out !

Asher posted

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Business Hour 10am – 7.30pm daily Closed on every third Thursday and Friday of the month.