Kyodai Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Johor
Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour 6.00pm - 1.00am

Overall: 3/5 - I really like the fragrance of the rice but when I took my first bite, all I could taste is saltiness. However, this rice is still not bad at all for a Japanese restaurant in a small town.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews


Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 11.00am - 1.00am (daily)

I seriously prefer a Chatime or Ochado franchise in Kluang instead of this.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews

9119 Patisserie Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 8.00am - 8.00pm (daily)

Last but not least, it is great to have such cafe around. Hope they can hang on longer but nothing will change if they do not start to change a new strategy.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews