Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour 8.00am-6.30pm (星期一休息)

Mahboob除了炒出一盘盘让人垂涎欲滴的炒面外,你也许可以试试他的Mee Rebus,也是一样让你吃出美好的滋味。

WillyWah posted 203 Reviews

Restoran Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai)

Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour 1700 – 0500 daily

I was amazed when I was told by a friend that there is an outlet in Penang serving “the best mee goreng” she has ever tasted. Now, we all know that “best” is subjective but the curiosity levels tripled when I found out that it is the “jiao sai” mee goreng.

wackybecky posted 545 Reviews

Ali Kopi

Cuisines Malay Mamak

Nice place for supper.