Sabi Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

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Overall, the place do serve some real fresh sushi but for the price you're paying, it's still alright with me. I know, some will compare to Sake or Sushi Tei but this place do have some other dishes in their menu which I haven't tried out yet.

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Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant

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It was a nice simple Japanese meal, and overall I have to say I am impressed by the quality of concept

Mr. Dorayaki

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Funa Zushi

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Lucky Jelly

Cuisines Japanese Taiwanese

KANTEN which is Jelly come from Japan, It is a very satisfying "healthy dessert" and best enjoyed during hot weather and perfect choice for dieters and healthy life. 寒天专卖甜品屋。運用了三大养身食材『寒天』、『日本抹茶』和『红豆』調配研發眾多新商品。希望大家能大口享受吃甜品时, 也能享受健康樂趣。

Fukutei Japanese Restaurant

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Sakae Sushi

Cuisines Japanese

Restoran Ho Boh


It specialises in Hakka cuisine