robo reviewed Yi Pin Dim Sum Restaurant 亿品点心酒楼 @ Ulu Tiram

Among all, the 'har-gao' (shrimp dumpling), bean curd sheet soup, BBQ pork bun and Snow 'Mei-niang' are not to be miss. Do try their porridge, but don't finish it alone...share with friends or family members, because you need to taste other dim sums.
robo reviewed Taiphoon Formosa Cuisine restaurant 台风膳房台湾料理 @ Jalan Tanjung Sutera 8/2

Overall, we like the food over here. I'll be back often for the mashed garlic sliced pork and the dumplings!
robo reviewed Kaede Ikuzo Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Molek

I will be back again for the Karaage chicken, and also like to explore more of the 'authentic' Japanese food from this 'Japanese kopitiam'.
robo reviewed Menu Please Bistro @ Taman Maju Jaya

Among all the 3 main courses, I prefer the duck leg. Because the dish is not common, and it's difficult to catch the chance that serve by the restaurant. And for the cold drinks, I chose the Vanilla lime soda - it was so refreshing!
robo reviewed MaMa Nyonya Restaurant @ Taman Molek

Among all, I like the Nyonya mee-suah and Nyonya Lontong very much! This 2 dishes are really unique within Johor Bahru area.
robo reviewed Fat Cow Burger Taman Pelangi @ Plaza Mentari (Sun City)

It's quite and spacious too, unlike those popular fast food restaurant where always crowded during lunch time.