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Previously it was closed due cleanliness and hygienic problems, and I really thought it's gona improve after that, but unfortunately it did not, so.... I ain't going back there no more!! In fact I won't be going to Sakae Sushi no more!!! Waiters and waitress are so bloody rude and unpolite and the cashier don't even know how to work properly no discipline or what so ever!! People cutting queues and the cashier just bloody ignore!! This place should be close down for good.

Jefferando reviewed Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay Mall

It gives me no choice but need to write a very bad comment on this queensbay branch. First of all the services of waitresses are a real disappoinment which is not suppose to be place at serving customer. Please look into this seriously which in long term will definitely affect your business. Also the queing up rules and regulation should be followed. How can the cashier just let others just to jump que in front of those who has patiently queing to pay and serve the undicipline cuotomer to pay instead of others behind queing pariently. It is a real shame and i will definitely not recommend others to patron here again. Actually this is a 2nd time occurring to me which i thought of giving a second chance but instead a real real dissapoinment which i discovered the services instead of improving but is even worse. A dissapointed supporter of Sakae....