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KTZ 记得食

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“Kee Tak Zek” @ KTZ restaurant, pronounced as “Kei Tuck Sek” in cantonese - means “Remember To Eat” is a chain of restaurants that reside in KL area. They are famous for their variety of “Thong Shui”/desserts and Dim Sum.


Unethical business operator! Found a small cockroach body in one of the 'longan' when about to finish the 红枣茶. After bringing it to the cashier, the lady boss hurried to take over the longan and tear it off, squeezing and tearing the body off into pieces and loudly told us by shouting that it is just the longan stem or seed, so speechless and helpless at the same time. Really disappointed to see such business operators nowadays, especially for a such well known one. Urging to be extra cautious when visiting this place.

terence88 posted