Anfieldyee reviewed Strangers at Forty 7 @ Section 17

What makes Strangers so special is their crepe dish. Usually a fine dining cafe offers those western ingredients (eggs, hams/bacon, sausage, salad, sandwiches, spaghetti etc) but you get crepe here. When you think of crepe, probably what comes into your mind is breakfast or lunch. But not in Strangers, you could have it during dinner! The crepe alone can make you unreasonably full feeling.
Anfieldyee reviewed Sukiya @ Pavilion KL

You can have unlimited meat supply and also choice of your soup (4 types of soup all together). The ingredients may not be much choices but it was healthy with nearly 70% are vegetable ingredients. Besides Steamboat, you can enjoy sushi prepped by the Chef.
Anfieldyee reviewed Cafe 9 @ Jalan 17/45

The food has been constantly review from time to time to suits Malaysian's taste bud, and at the same time retain its original taste. The owner was kind enough to check on each and every customer to make sure they have a great dining experience. Overall, Good food and awesome service that I'll definitely come back again!
Anfieldyee reviewed Restoran Two Pesos @ PJ SS2 @ Jalan SS 2/67

I love the fact that it provides one portion of steamboat for a person. If you are a steamboat lover but doesn't own a bottomless pit, you can consider coming to this restaurant!
Anfieldyee reviewed Boat Noodle @ Jaya One

So so
With the current GST, it's no longer cheap anymore. One person could end up spending more than RM 15 for a meal. But their coffee and dessert - Ka-nam Tuay are to die for! And it's good!