emilytay23 reviewed Lao Di Fang (老地方) @ Taman Kota Laksamana

Worst customer service in the entire universe. The waitress working there is possibly the rudest human being I have ever come across in my 23 years of existence. Upon placing our order, my mother said, ever so politely, "Can we please not have any meat in the omelette?", to which this waitress replied "AUNTYYYYYY. YOU THINK YOURSELF LA, EGG GOT MEAT WAN NOT?" This, unfortunately, was not the only rude encounter we had. When we tried ordering our drinks, fair enough there were 7 of us. She said very loudly "CAN DRINKS AH? TAKE YOURSELF." She then pointed at the fridge as she walked away. The food took over an hour to arrive. There were only 5 tables there. Even then, it was not well worth the wait.. not even one bit. All in all, a very disappointing visit to this restaurant that has been a family favourite for generations. Perhaps a new waitress (ie:someone more friendly and more accustomed to customer service) could turn this place around.