Penang, Malaysia
SueChen reviewed Rasa Deli @ Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

Absolutely delightful pastry texture - the addictiveness is indescribable - with unfortunately very doubtful filling in the middle of it all.
SueChen reviewed Brew Thirty Two @ Jalan Green Hall

Visited Brew Thirty Two Cafe after lunch. Setting was orderly and crisp, though I can't say the same for my Flat White. Nevertheless, the second cup I was offered was an improvement compared to the first which tasted bland and swished like water (forget about aroma or the velvety texture which is a must in a flat white). I was put off by their coffee and lost interest in their dessert. Nevertheless, I have heard nice things about their mille crepe.
SueChen reviewed Gala House Restaurant and Cafe @ Jalan Muntri

The prawns' natural juicy sweetness was overpowered by too much sauce, perhaps a dip would suffice. Chicken on the other hand was not bad at all - succulent and tasty - though one might disapprove of the charred bits.
SueChen reviewed The Alley @ Stewart Lane

A cozy spot for chatting over a cuppa, churros and cronuts(!!).
SueChen reviewed JJ Cafe @ Ipoh

A quick drink and a stretch of legs before picking the roomie up for Sitiawan.
SueChen reviewed Abbey Road Bistro @ Seberang Jaya

Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant - One of the best trout belly dishes I've had and the driest, most unappetising Diwali special Tandoori chicken. Well, it's a bistro restaurant after all, we shall stick to their western take on food eh :)