bellytuning reviewed Restoran Kin Kin 建记辣椒板面 @ Chow Kit

Extremely terrible service!!! All you've read about the grumpy owners are TRUE. Grumpy, rude, moody - get ready to be scolded! Also get ready to wait 40mins for your pan mee to arrive during peak hours. SMALL PORTION and EXPENSIVE. I would highly highly recommend going to Super Kitchen across the road - they also sell chili pan mee and it's JUST AS GOOD (seriously!) except you get excellent service, a bigger portion and the place has air-cond. Same price. Another horror story about Kin Kin: My malay students wanted to learn about pan mee so they walked into Kin Kin to observe how it's cooked. As soon as they walked in, the HORRIBLE owner shouted "OI BUAT APA SINI! SINI JUAL BABI LAH!" - yeap Kin Kin owners are seriously huge babis. Instead, they went to Super Kitchen and the owners were SO NICE that they offered my Muslim students vegetarian pan mee to taste. DO NOT GO TO KIN KIN. Go to Super Kitchen.