Bmon Cafe

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 11.00am -11.00pmDaily

BMON located at The Strand, The reason I am here is the comic concept they use for the interior. As a cartoon, comic or cuties lover, this is a must visit.

Pohkemon posted 197 Reviews

Wood and Steel

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western
Business Hour Tues - Sun: 9.30 am - 11.00 pm (Closed on Mondays)

The serving looks great and presented creatively in terms of presentation.

cindy tong posted 85 Reviews

Burger Junkyard

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12pm - 3pm (Lunch) 6pm - 10pm (Dinner) Monday - Saturday (Closed on Sundays)

Your New Neighbourhood Burger Joint @ Kota Damansara, Price ranges from RM 12.9 - RM 11.90 for a Set (Burger + Fries + Drink)

Been visited this place for twice and the food and service was satisfying. Got instant approval from my “boss” and revisit is predictable!

mimid3vils posted 419 Reviews

Wood & Steel

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Tues – Sun: 9.30 am – 11.00 pm

I rather enjoy the food here (no comment on the coffee though as I don’t drink it) but not the over-packed environment.

mimid3vils posted 419 Reviews

The One Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Operational Hours: 8am to 1am Breakfast Items: 8am to 11am Happy Hour Items: 12pm to 8pm Live Band Performance: 8.30pm to 12.30am daily on Wed to Sat

With tagline "eat, enjoy, entertain", The One Cafe offers not only its unique culinary and beautiful set-up but it also brings the best of live bands and jazz entertainment.

The One cafe is a great place for us to catch up with our friends but their food range is quite impressive. Definately will be back.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Dreamz Bakery

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 9am-9pm Tuesday- close

Attract by their layer cake when first time visit and still new. Now they are adding more in their menu for more optional to customer not only for cake. Have to take off your shoes before entering their bakery and definitely make you feel like home.

cecilia_qianqian posted 56 Reviews

Terrace Arms

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Open all days except Sunday from 4 till midnight.

This Steak & Grill house serves one of the finest steak in town with it's unique home-made sauces and a fine selection of wines. The pastas and spaghetti are also served with perfection in taste together with the bruschettas to complement the Italian food list. It's bar serves all types of beer and liquor with a happy hour price all night on the beer selection.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant

Cuisines Western

So, this Bird Man place is place that I will go for once only.

nickchan posted 94 Reviews

Luscious Delight

Cuisines Western

Stall located at The Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand Kota Damansara during Red Carpet Weekend Bazaar 12 pm-9pm or refer to FB page for updated locations at other events.


Cuisines Western
Business Hour Weekdays (Mon, Thurs, Fri): 12-2pm, 6-9pm Weekend : 11am-9pm

The interior design is plain and simple like it's signboard which can be easily missed however it's a nice, quiet place to discuss business.

kelvintan3 posted 81 Reviews

Pier 39

verybody at the table do agreed that this mushroom taste the best among all! Must try*

Jessycayong posted 127 Reviews

Voir Dire

Cuisines Western

casual bar & bistro, live band and great place to chill out. British Pool table available too!


Try the juicy tender Pork chop that comes with 2 types of sauces, served in separate little glass and also Grilled chicken Pasta, they are great. Fried Taro ball also goes well with drinks. wide variety of alcohol available too and they have live band as well as open mic session! Friendly service too!

fruity posted

Rush Hours Gastropub

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Happy Hours: 5pm - 9pm (daily)

This is the most horrible dining experience I had in my whole life of searching for good food. After that so called dinner, I went home and grab some Tambun Biscuit from Him Heang (Penang) to fill in my pity stomach. While munching my biscuit, I have the slight feeling that I have been scammed.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews

Italian Cone Pizza

Cuisines Western

Actually , these cone pizzas have a rather chewy bread like consistency to the dough, that I like. I know it’s all very junk food-ish and all and not terribly gourmet, but sometimes I just like my fast food as it is.. Fast Food!

CCFoodTravel posted 498 Reviews

Haute Couture Cafe Boutique

Cuisines Western