Little Italy

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Little Italy runs by an Italian family, they started out seven years ago outside the city center, but business was so good, they had to move to accommodate more patrons. Everything here is homemade. From the bread (which is excellent) to the sauce and pasta. Little Italy Pasta and Pizza Corner is a small corner restaurant at the heart of town near Wisma Merdeka that is a great hit – especially with foreigners. So do go early because this place is always full especially during meal times.

Good Italian food in the heart of KK city! All thanks to recommendations by Henry@Clevermunkey & many write-ups found online :D Pastas & pizzas are moderately priced, & the best part that I enjoyed most was that the pasta is "home-made"!!

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Chilli Vanilla

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If you crave some homemade western food like lamb stew and couscous, calamari, handmade potato chips then pay this little place a visit to try out their extensive menu and delish cooling drinks

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