Q Jelly Bakery Shop

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Mon - Sun, 10am - 10pm

Q JELLY BAKERY SHOP previously known as Homemade Jelly Cake. The 1st booth located in Sunway Pyramid in year 2000. Our mission is to introduce a new, surprising, healthy cake for any celebration-use. Compare to other Bakery industry, Our company main product is jelly cake with made by seaweed which is healthier than others. The low cholesterol jelly cake contain nearly 87% water but rich in vitamins and nutrients

The Bakery Moments

Cuisines Western

This particular bakery is a chain from Norway called Bakeryet (pronounced Bakariat). Their breads are all made from imported ingredients to maintain a premium quality as Norwegians are particular about their breads (which by the way is their staple diet). All the sandwiches on offer are made only from wholemeal bread, which is good

Fasta Pasta Restaurant

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour open daily, 10-10pm

Fasta Pasta is an Australian chain restaurant. All pasta are made fresh daily. Apparently, it's learnt that Fasta Pasta has over 36 restaurants in Australia, spanning Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and 2 years ago, they have then expanded internationally into Malaysia. At Fasta Pasta, it's known that da pasta is low in fat, low in kilojoules and it has a good source of fibre. Besides that, I was told that they use Unbleached Flour; free of chemical and use Wheat Pasta because it has a slow release of carbohydrate into our body and give us a longer-lasting energy.

Do try this place for good wholesome Italian food with the aussie feel.

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Uncle Lim's Cafe

Cuisines Western Local
Business Hour .30 am - 10.00 pm (Weekdays) , and 9.30 am - 10.30 pm (Sat & Sun)

Uncle Lim's tagline is 'Homegrown Tastes'. Their concept is to modernize our everyday kopitiam while maintaining its old charm. Very simple decor of old school tables and stools. Its also self service whereby you order, pay, collect your drinks and find a seat.

Bayu Biru


Delicious Nusantara dishes. Very good pastas and dessert. Nice proper coffee.