Bumbu Bali

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Cuisines Balinese
Business Hour 11 am till late included Public Holidays

Waterlily, Buddy-Buddy and Bumbu Bali are actually under the same management or shall I say family owner? Bumbu refers to herbs of Bali. It was run by the owner, Eddy and his Bali wife.


这一份 Bali Trio像是小吃拼盘,有酥炸花枝、BBQ鸡翅、Sate lilit 和木瓜沙拉。我最爱里头的酥炸花枝,那炸粉和别的地方有一些不一样,吃起来特别香口。巴厘风味餐着重的是香料,这 BBQ 鸡翅是充分地表现了这一点,腌制得很入味,赞!Sate lilit 是巴厘岛独有的美食,是由鱼肉加上香料,然后裹住香茅枝油炸而成。

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