Ling Loong Seafood

Top 50 Restaurants in Sarawak
Cuisines Chinese

Don’t tell me you’re not craving for 2 kilos of crabs after seeing this picha. Ngekngekngek..

annna posted 230 Reviews

Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant

Top 100 Restaurants in Sarawak
Cuisines Hong Kong

A very good combination. ... On a bright sunny day, I went to Crown Square with my classmate.

annna posted 230 Reviews

SEGI College Sarawak Cafeteria

Cuisines Fusion

Don’t underestimate the Cafeteria here. They serve SUPERLICIOUS food.

annna posted 230 Reviews

Korean Da Om BBQ House

Top 10 Restaurants in Sarawak
Cuisines Korean

I would like to come here again, but with a big group so we can enjoy the inside seating. ^^

annna posted 230 Reviews

Momoyama Japanese Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Sarawak
Cuisines Japanese

For dessert, we got complimentary mooncake (red bean filling). This is very nice. Too bad they gave us one only.

annna posted 230 Reviews