Pizzeria Bella Italia

Cuisines Western Italian Halal
Business Hour 11am till 10pm

The good service, the homey feeling it gives me and the food... all within reasonable price.

The food today was a bit disappointing maybe due to all of us ordering the same dish.

stevenycs posted craving4food.blogspot.com 281 Reviews


Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Open 7 days a week

Unpretentious decor, bright lighting and incongruent music (Lionel Ritchie and a collection of the greatest love songs from the 80s is not something you expect to hear in an Italian restaurant) greets you as you enter it.

Personally, i think Nerovivo is still my preferred choice!

ojsiew posted ojsiew.blogspot.com 633 Reviews

Retro Kitchen

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour 12pm-11pm ( break from 3.30-5.30pm on weekdays) Close on Monday.

Retro theme concept with 60s - 70s decorations, collections and music.


We took a chance and tryout a cafe located in the SS2 area. A lot of time people might not even noticed this little cafe located just above 7 Eleven. And there are two 7 Eleven located within SS2. Which one you may ask? The one near Geylang Lor 9, famous for its Frog Porridge from Singapore. If you're still unsure, it's the same row as Island Cafe and a few doors away and located on the 1st Floor.

csylisa posted www.iliketoeatlah.com