Lok Lok Street

Cuisines Steamboat
Business Hour 6.30PM onwards

Besides lok lok, still got other street food's truck such as assam laksa, char kuay teow and etc. I order a bowl of assam laksa, So nice. Spicy and so flavourful.

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Restoran Wong Meng Kee

Cuisines Chinese Malaysian
Business Hour 每天 11:00-22:30

年初四这一天我们趁着出外到住家附近用餐,便顺道点了一客鱼生解一解瘾。 蒲种的黄明记海鲜餐馆是我蛮喜欢的餐馆之一,这里很多招牌菜都很对味。可惜因为是新年的关系,大厨们把心机都放在新年特色菜式,很多平时吃到的招牌菜都没有,所以这一次点了很多新的菜色,算是在熟悉的餐馆来个大冒险~

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Restaurant Bao-Bao (宝宝)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11AM - 9PM

As other pan mee sellers, the most important element while eating pan mee is the chili and Bao-Bao offers 4 type of chili sauces.If you want to have these chili sauces at home, Bao-Bao also sells them in bottles