Kedai Kopi Min Ren (名人)

Cuisines Chinese Malay

Good place for breakfast, decent and cheap.


Nice Vegetarian Noodles stall serves Wan Tan Mee, Prawn Mee and other dishes

Puja G posted 10 Reviews
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Restaurant Cheong Wah (中華酒樓)

Cuisines Chinese Seafood
Business Hour 10.00am-3.30pm,5.00pm-11.00pm

Ramai Food Centre 大马(福建面)

Cuisines Chinese Local
Business Hour 24/7

I never quite like this place as there are plenty to choose but nothing quite worthy, except the duck noodle (which my parents love) and nasi lemak stall (guilty fried chicken/quail).

d_luaz posted

YM Hawker, 2+1 Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

YM Hawker is own by a pair of sister who came from Penang. Their signature foods are prawn mee , penang lam mee, mee siam and penang style economy noodles (with tekaki 'in hokkien').


If you missing penang prawn mee or penang lam mee, this is the hawker that can full fill your needs. Their prawn mee is full with prawn flavor and penang lam mee is sweet, served with belacan chili saurce which takes the dish to another levels. Well, you should try it, then you know, highly recommended! :)

zjye posted

Everyday Food Court

Cuisines Chinese Hawker Food

The noodle itself is smooth and springy and the seasoning is very fragrant and appetizing, somewhat similar to those used to prepare Hakka Mee.

My Kopitiam

Cuisines Chinese

Fong Lei

Cuisines Chinese

Though not the best wan tan mee we have eaten, but still a recommended one for good wantan mee is getting lesser and lesser nowadays.

summerkid posted 235 Reviews

Restaurant WKS

Cuisines Chinese

Situated in Puchong opposite Tesco

Esquire Kitchen

Cuisines Chinese

We had a simple lunch with some of the signature dish such as 'toong por' pork and also mantou!.

ojsiew posted 633 Reviews