The One Noodles Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Chinese Noodle
Business Hour 10am until 8pm


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Tomyummy Noodles House 东炎不败

Cuisines Thai Noodle
Business Hour 1pm - 11pm

东炎肉碎饭: 属于经典搭配之一的东炎肉碎饭,提供的是东炎肉碎铺在白饭之上外加一颗太阳蛋. 把东炎肉碎和白饭一起搅拌均匀再吃,味道特别好

jazz posted 190 Reviews

Face to Face Noodles House (Prai)

Cuisines Chinese Noodles Malaysian
Business Hour 11:30am till 9:30 everyday

Cosy contemporary setup serving nice easy Chinese and Malaysian fusion food for the family and people on the move at a reasonable price.

Beef Koay Teow

Cuisines Local Noodle

The Beef Soup Kuey Teow are really delicious and the most we enjoyed are the beef broth. The beef soup are rich in aroma and it is even per...

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Tiger Char Koay Teow 老虎炒粿条

Cuisines Local Noodle
Business Hour Mon - Sun : 8:00am - 2:30pm

Kim Laksa 金叻沙

Cuisines Noodle Thai
Business Hour Wed - Sun : 10:00am - 5:00pm Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Seang Lim Hokkien Mee 橡陵福建面

Cuisines Noodle
Business Hour Mon - Thur : 7:00am - 1:30pm Sat : 7:00am - 1:30pm Closed on Friday and Sunday

A place for craving and enjoying the scrumptious and famous Hokkien Mee in Penang.

What caught my eye was this huge dummy prawn hanged on top of the stall! Just awesome gazing at it while drooling waiting to indugle a good delicous bowl of noodle.

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