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The curry mee have two pieces of homemade yong tofu, homemade meatballs, fishball, "fu zhu pi", two piece of "dau bo" and clams, the curry soup is really delicious, you can really taste the spices of the curry, less santan, not too spicy (people who like spicy can add sambai, the sambai taste is wonderful). Price of the standard bowl is RM 5, extra charge on any additional ingredients.


It cannot say to be a very traditional malay/indian curry. The taste and smell of the soup is just enough to fulfill your craving for curry. Not too spicy or salty. If you afraid of the smell of coconut milk, I guarantee you would love it the moment you tried this bowl of noodles. I also recommend you with the homemade meatballs. 100% handmade that retain the taste of the meat while having spices to enhance the taste. This is definitely a bowl of noodles that worth the price. Give it a try ^^

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