Meet Fresh 鮮芋仙

Cuisines Taiwanese

Born into a traditional Taiwanese farming family, Ms. Fu and Mr. Fu are two down to earth individuals. Persisting in hand-making the best tradition dessert delicacy, their hard work, innovation, and persistence on tradition are reflected in their hand-make taro desserts, herbal jelly and tofu desserts. Sharing their traditional hometown delicacies with everyone in their motto. The business was initiated by old sister Fu and her younger brother, both aged of 70s and born in Feng Yuang, Taichung, coming from a typical farming family Easy Way Group persists in adopting the same unique craftsmanship so called “Original & outdated ingredient and manufacturing process” to hand around a genuine local and tasty flavor to customers. Making a breakthrough from traditional business model in early days to a 6-star exquisite and fashionable dessert store. Especially the shop sign “Fresh Meet” has gripped the hearts of people for its grace and reputation profoundly.