Chocolate Passion

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西班牙人都喜欢以咖啡或热朱古力佐churro,这里有三种巧克力酱的选择:黑巧克力(Dark Chocolate)、牛奶巧克力(Milk Chocolate)和白巧克力(White Chocolate)。我们选了黑巧克力(Dark Chocolate)的口感象松饼,点上黑巧克力酱才觉得好吃。吃巧克力甜品,当然也得点杯茶来喝,润一润喉咙。

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Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
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Nevertheless, the 'quality' of the food is still there. Thankfully!. It was still a great lunch. Will I revisit Rakuzen in future?.. YES!!..

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