Sun Sun Nam Cheong

Cuisines Hailam
Business Hour 7am – 4pm (closed Sunday)

Basically everything is nice over here.

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HaiLam Kopitiam

Cuisines Local Hailam

The Hailam Kopitiam, a concept cafe, serves the original Hainanese tastes. This is especially true of our signature home-made kaya that is undoubtedly the most sought after item on their menu. The cooking style, the unique flavours and distinct tastes that the Foh Heong Kopitiam is noted for has undergone little change. Patrons will be familiar with such authentic items as our specially prepared coffee / tea, home-made kaya with toasted bread (roti bakar) and half-boiled eggs, popular hainanese chicken chop and fish fillet prepared as in colonial times, mee soup, nasi goreng and of course the all time favaurite, hainanese chicken rice.