Nasi Lemak Sri Sarawak

Cuisines Malay

My dad, precisely, is a loyal fan of lontong. However, upon trying the one here in Sri Sarawak, he lamented that he had tried something better. The curry here was more watery and lacking in concentration.

jkdrooling posted 199 Reviews

Klang Steak House

Cuisines Western
Business Hour After dawn (Night hours).

Andalas Corner

Cuisines Local Halal

It is a great place to wind down for the day and just love the wide open space here; catching the breeze. The rice is nice, cooked with just the right amount of coconut milk.

Kelapa Oasis

Cuisines Dessert

It's all about coconuts;100% pure coconut milk, and all types of coconuts and coconut products. Business Hours: 8am-8pm Contact: Kalis 012 9721307 03 3324 3526