D'Italiane Kitchen

Cuisines Western

A clean and quite romantic place for dine in. the food is not bad but bit pricey.


Love their environment at the first sight especially the outside dining place. They provided leather coach and wood table. Windy environment since it located at the GB 03A & 05, Level G, Paradigm Mall

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Cuisines Western

Overall, I can summarize this place up pretty easy. I think you can guess what is my answer too by now. Not worth my money at all. Only spend your money here if someone is buying. Maybe the bar is better at night.

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My Cookbook

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Sun - Thurs: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am Sun : 1200 - 0000

Overall, this restaurant does not let me down and really live up to my expectation for the very least on what I have ordered above. As for the price, honestly, they are really expensive but I do believe they really spend their effort and time to bring out the quality of each dishes. You have to agree that their dishes are uniquely done which others has yet to learn. We just have to pay the premium for it as the reward of their effort for bringing such a delicious food to us.

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Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Cuisines Dessert Western Asian
Business Hour 12pm to 11pm daily

Al-Funghi Spaghetti was nice but very small portion.

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Coffee Chemistry Cafe

Cuisines Western

Food Rating 9/10, recommended for their COFFEE and some of their food~ ~-Stamped-

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Mbuji Cafe

Cuisines Western

Mbuji, a very special name it is. Pronounced as "Boo-ji". Derived from a rock in Tanzania; A natural monument to the natives where the natives would worship and share their offerings to this stone.

It’s tear-jerking to learn that the people at East Africa has been suffering from the catastrophe. Lend a helping hand to the needy :) You could when you discover the adventurous coffee brewed at MBuji.

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Beyond Culinary Studio

Cuisines Western Australian

The best part about the class is that new recipes by the Chefs will be shared with the participants and there will be materials provided such as the avocado cookbook and leaflets available in English, Mandarin (HK) and Malay – they are specially produced for the chefs in Asia for reference and also for them to train their kitchen staff on how to handle and prepare avocado better.

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