Full House

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Halal

Settings are welcoming and cozy . Location are great. almost everyone that passes by will peak to have a look.

suyee posted su-yee.blogspot.com 402 Reviews

Pizzeria Bella Italia

Cuisines Western Italian Halal
Business Hour 11am till 10pm

The good service, the homey feeling it gives me and the food... all within reasonable price.

The food today was a bit disappointing maybe due to all of us ordering the same dish.

stevenycs posted craving4food.blogspot.com 281 Reviews

O’Briens Gourmet Coffee & Irish Sandwiches

Cuisines Western Irish Halal
Business Hour 8am to 11pm (Mon - Thurs), 8am to 12am (Fri - Sun)


Cuisines Western Halal
Business Hour Closed on Sundays

Cafe 888

Cuisines Nyonya Western Halal
Business Hour Mon - Thur (8am to 1am), Fri - Sun (8am to 2am)

Cafe 888 is located in Kota Damansara, they serve Peranakan food and western food.The chefs in Cafe 888 were previously from La Bodega. HALAL!! Cafe 888 is not about to bring more luck to da Cafe but amazingly, more to a history of da origin trademark of 888 Coffee and Tea which can be traced back to 1942 during da World War II. It was da late Mr. Ang Thong Guan that started up da humble manufacturing business and there after, Coffee and Tea businesses form a part of Thong Guan Industries Berhad and today, da descendants of Mr. Ang continue to expand it businesses and leads to da opening of 888 Cafe.

Starbucks Kelana Jaya Giant

Cuisines Western Halal

I don't take much Starbucks nowadays, as RM 10 per pop is just too pricey compared to Old Town. But I do agree Starbucks's environment is nice and comfy, and the staff is friendly, and I think the coffee is good. You get what you pay for: premium coffee and premium environment. Valencia Macchiato (with Orange syrup): RM 13.50 for Grande. Starbucks now got this reload cards, where I agree to take one because can get 1 free coffee if I claim it online :) Reload card is great for the business, but perhaps inconvenient for non-Starbucks regular (there is always credit/money left in the card, compelling you to go back, NO!!!).

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