Rasa Food Court

Cuisines Malaysian

Nasi Kukus with fried chicken: It comes with a generous amount of papadom (thankfully they’re still crispy) and sliced cucumbers (thankfully they were fresh). I’m more surprised that the chicken still tastes good despite being leftover for who knows how many hours and had only went through a round of microwave before reaching my plate. The nasi kusus adventure wasn’t in vain as I left the place happy, and I look forward to try other food available at Rasa Food Court some other time.

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Teh Tarik Place

Cuisines Malaysian

My favourite is the Rojak Pasembor. Commonly known as Indian Rojak, this delicious treat is made up of crispy tofu, deep fried fritters, cucumbers and hard boiled egg drizzled with a savoury, thick spicy peanut gravy.

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Teh Tarik Place

Cuisines Local Malay

Local specialties such as nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, roti canai and mee mamak. Very affordable!

I must say I loved the very tasty mee mamak as well as the Ayam Masak Merah, which was tender and not too spicy.

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Charms Cafe

Cuisines Local

I was comfortable with the interior decoration of this place, with suitable colour combination and artistic effect. Sort of like the baba and nyonya style, the wooden tables and chairs do match appropriately.

Pretty obvious we’ll be contemplating on whether to make our way here again for other food. Not so soon.

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