The Big Mouth

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Pastries

Lamb Shank is a must. Not to forget the lovely cakes and pastry.


The price and view are nice. Staffs are friendly. Big portion of food with nice presentation. Definitely worth to come.

naimhusni posted 6 Reviews
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Vanilla - The Mille Crepe Cafe

Cuisines Pastries

Overall, it was a great food venture - delicious savoury dishes, nice punchy drinks and the cakes were simply trilling.


The mille crepe cakes were bright, sunshiny and melted in the mouth at the first bite. And a shout out too the people who served us.

Nava Krishnan posted 188 Reviews

Big Apple Donut

Cuisines Western Pastries

Since we're looking for something light to eat, so we decided to eat at Big Apple.

stevenycs posted 281 Reviews

Roti Boy

Cuisines Pastries

who does not know Roti boy! apart from their original version, they now have mocha and butter cream flavou available. i dont mind having them once a year.

suyee posted 402 Reviews