Absolute Viet

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Absolute Viet is another great place to fix your craving for Vietnamese food and the best thing about this Vietnamese restaurant is you pay a little for a pleasant atmosphere and good food. Isn’t that great? They have a very simple and comfortable setting for non-smoker in the restaurant, while the smokers get to enjoy their meal and the famous Vietnamese coffee overlooking the water feature in front of the restaurant. A big surprise I found in Absolute Viet when I see they serve tomato noodle soup! Frankly, that is the main reason we give it a try the first time we walked into this restaurant. That reminds me of my Vietnamese friend making me an authentic Vietnamese noodles with plenty of crab meat in tomato soup while I was visiting her in the United States, and it is very difficult to find a Vietnamese restaurant serving this since I return. At the price of only RM 9.90, I find it has similar taste of what I called the original, it is a little sour and mild in spiciness. I’m sure the taste would be further enhanced if they could replace the chicken with seafood (and that for sure will change the price as well); still it’s a very good and appetizing noodle soup, also my all-time favourite. It is always satisfying dining at Absolute Viet for the mouth-watering side dishes and scrumptious main course at very affordable price. A simple meal with 2 healthy main course and drinks would probably be around RM 30 or less, I call that an affordable damage especially when we are offered such comfortable, air-conditioned setting with music and pleasant service. This was the third visit to Absolute Viet and I know I am happy to be their regular customer.

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