Bone & Pot 有骨氣

Cuisines Chinese

Bone & Pot does have nicely done fried dishes and my favourite was the bean curd, perfectly fried to golden hues, so crispy on the outside yet soft and smooth on the inside. The soft boned chicken has textures like 'tendon' or 'gristle' which aren't exactly good to munch.

jkdrooling posted 199 Reviews
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Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Service was not that bad as what I have seen from net. Good Luck!

lushia posted 90 Reviews

Xian Xian Fish Head Restaurant (鲜鲜鱼头馆)

Cuisines Chinese

The restaurant serves a wide variety of homecook meals where they have choices of chicken, fishes, pork and more.

Overall, the food here were good and affordable and it suits well for family dinner or even with collegue during the day.

pamela_ybc posted 997 Reviews

Poon Kee Dessert 潘记糖水

Cuisines Chinese

Poon Kee

Very smooth and nice tau foo far, but the price tag is quite high as well.

babylightning posted 546 Reviews

Restaurant De Hunan 湖南湘菜馆

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11am-11pm

This is another branch located at Kuchai Lama. Great taste of the food! Normally the spicy is depend how much you can accept, worth to try!

cecilia_qianqian posted 56 Reviews

Goreng Kuey Teow Tong Shin 同善路一品香炒粿條

Cuisines Chinese

The Prawn Mee is of good mixture of ingredients, all things done flavorful making it an ordered dish that’s not a regretful one.

goldfries posted 138 Reviews

Restoran Super Kitchen

Cuisines Chinese

Most of the food were pretty decent and chili pan mee to mee sure its a challenging thing, one thing I learn is that never follow people that add in, just taste first.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews


Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8am – 10pm daily

It is worth to try but do not carry high expectation to it.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews

Restoran Soon Soon Lye

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 9am-9.30pm

Come try out this Salmon Fish Head noodle...They also serve cod fish...You also can opt for rough mee hoon instead of normal mee hoon.

food2buzz posted 415 Reviews

You Seng Hakka Yong Tau Fu

Cuisines Chinese

Well, if you are a YTF fans, like us in Relish by Rae, there is an air-conditioned restaurant serving good YTF plus chee cheung fun (flat rice noodles in cantonese) in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The portion and soup base is very much similar to the Batu 14 YTF, but their chee cheung fun and the taste of other home cook food are something I would crave for. They have assorted raw vegetables and bean curd on a long table for your pick. And this is the chee cheung fun I have been talking about. The soft and thin flat rice noodles is topped with sesame abd specially made sauce that makes it so delicious. The best part of the specially made sauce is the shrimp paste that instantly fills your mouth with fragrant and bright taste of shrimp. Heaven! It could be better if they could serve the noodles slightly warmer, but I still like it even it's a little cold.

relishbyrae posted 14 Reviews

Taiwan Dami (台湾大米)

Cuisines Chinese

In Dami, you are able to find good food, delicious food, with affordable and reasonable price.

EuniceEunny posted 215 Reviews

Dragon Tiger Gate Charcoal Hotpot 龍虎門

Cuisines Chinese Steamboat
Business Hour Monday – Friday: 5:00pm – 10:30pm Saturday – Sunday: 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Overall, the price is reasonable for the various choices and freshness offered.

annna posted 230 Reviews

I Love Hokkien Mee

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Open until 1am.

The 1st visit is quite good, the 2nd visit was slightly disappointed. I would avoid this place on weekends due to large crowds (which might affect the quality), but anyway in Puchong is crowded on weekend. The Hokkien Mee (RM 7) and Loh Mee in indeed not bad, probably the best in Puchong. Something wrong with their drink menu, the "leong char" always not available. Price: * Cantonese Fried Yee Mee: RM 7 * Apple Juice: RM 3

d_luaz posted