Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Daily 6.00pm – 12.00am

Best place to enjoy the surrounding with bbq meat.

Sherlyn Lee posted 15 Reviews
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Sushi King

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour 11.30 am - 10.00 pm

Besides the new rice burgers, Sushi King introduced the new Pumpkin Tenpura which will be available throughout the month of May and June.

wackybecky posted 545 Reviews

Marufuku Udon

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Opens daily from 11am - 10pm

Marufuku is modern Japanese casual dining. The cuisine will be totally unique as it is an udon specialty shop. We are the first and only fresh udon concept in Malaysia. The major difference is the texture of our udon.

food was cheap and nice.

suyee posted 402 Reviews

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese

I opt for sukiyaki instead coz it's soup based with lots of veg (good for health) and a few slices of beef (cheap as stuff but taste good).

low.b.leong posted 474 Reviews

Yama & J Fusion Buffet

Cuisines Japanese

Overall Rating: 5.5/10. If you're a huge fan of sashimi, you'll not be disappointed. They have loads of sashimi made available on their buffet spread.

spicysharon posted 315 Reviews

Mai Ramen

Cuisines Japanese

Cosy Ramen specialty outlet - secret recipe in the broth that takes 10 - 12 hours to cook. Also serve other Japanese favourites such as sashimi, sushi, takoyaki, temaki, okonomiyaki, bento, donburri & curry rice.


This restaurant has completely tested all my taste bud with salty food, overly sweet dessert, sour face and bitter food experience. It is stated in the website that the chef has trained in Japan for 4 years but to me, he/she looks like not been trained even for a day. The best of all the food I have consumed is the hot green tea.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews

Sushi King

Cuisines Japanese