Cafe Vienna

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Cuisines Western European
Business Hour Tel: +603- 2161 8268 Fax: +603- 2161 9268

Vienna Café’s are famous worldwide and are well recognized as quality Restaurants with a unique European atmosphere. The furnishings of a Viennese café can vary from plush and comfy to coldly modern and stylish. The classic look includes Michael Thonet chairs and marble tabletops. It is a traditional European Coffeehouse concept with homemade cakes and pastries. We will ,offer proper dining for 120 guests with Breakfast – Lunch – High Tea and Dinner Menu. Food and beverage will be reasonable priced as we will offer full service ( no self service ).

Cafe Vienna serves coffee, western food and desserts. A perfect place to chill out.

lushia posted 90 Reviews
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Teeq Restaurant

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Open daily Monday- Sunday : 6.30pm -11.00 pm Wednesday – Saturday (Supper) : served snack menu after 11.00pm – 4.00am

Overall, I like the ambiance of this restaurant but I am pretty disappointed with their confusing menu and their service. The only good point is their set meal is very affordable and delicious.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews

Société Café and Wine Bar

Cuisines Local Western
Business Hour 11am – 9pm daily

Société Café (located outside Isetan) has a decor similar to cafes and bistros in Paris.

Bon Ton Restaurant

Cuisines Western

Enjoy the traditional charm, cushionry corner, outdoor casual dining & bar with greenery view while enjoying your food. Right in the heart of the city. We served local traditional asian tastes, western cuisine, pasta and varieties of snacks.


I really have to thank the lady boss and all the staffs who are making their best effort to provide me some ideas for this simple birthday celebration.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews