Bulgogi Brothers

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Cuisines Korean
Business Hour 11am-11pm

If you are a big eater, and have a penchant for good thick slabs of beef, then go for Bulgogi Brothers' Unyang Burger, a burger piled high with meat. A hefty delight of home-made premium beef patty, layered with American cheese, beef brisket in savoury sauce and garnished with crispy shredded potato sandwiched in a toasted charcoal bun, the Unyang Burger do offer a rather unique and nice combination of flavours.

isaactan posted www.isaactan.net 327 Reviews
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Restoran Da On Fine Korean Cuisine

Cuisines Korean
Business Hour 11am-11pm

We decided to ordered the cuttlefish which seem to be quite nice from the presentation. The spicy sauce they used was indeed delicious. However, the cuttlefish did not able to adsorb the marinated sauce well, leaving it bland.

Su Fen posted sufentan88.blogspot.com 153 Reviews

Restoran Kung Jung

Cuisines Korean

I rate this as the BEST Korean in town

Sam Sam Korean Cuisine (삼삼)

Cuisines Korean

There is a stall offering Korean food in Food Republic on the ground floor.

Would be looking forward to explore other eateries in the Food Republic since there is so much to choose from.

wenching_86 posted www.eatonlylar.com 208 Reviews