Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

Cuisines Korean
Business Hour 11.00am - 10.00pm

Visit this little stall just in front of the Cold Storage in the Lower Ground floor of the Gardens, Megamall. Its run by a very pretty Korean lady and the food is real value for money.


Delicious and affordable Korean cuisine, located at LG, The Gardens.

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Cuisines Korean

Korean cuisine especially for their BBQ, lamb, chicken, beef and pork are inevitable in their menu. However, I find it rather interesting when I went into a Korean Restaurant called GoGung Fusion @The Gardens, pork is not in their menu. Yes, this is a Halal Korean Restaurant. Good news for Muslim citizens! Without important pork set in their menu, they come one with other interesting meat such as duck, squid, prawns and fish.

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Food Garden

Cuisines Korean Local

New found love!!! The Italian Herb Chicken with Spaghetti. And not to forget, one of my all time favourite meals at Food Garden, the Korean spicy ramen instant noodle.

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Sam Sam Korean

Cuisines Korean

The Korean stall was manned by a Korean Family serve something authentic Korean food.