BBQ Korea's No 1 Chicken Restaurant

Cuisines Korean

If you love spicy food, give a go to Gangjeong Chicken and Spicy Chicken


I loved loved and am still in love with Gangjeong chicken, spicy chicken and honey mushroom soup.

Nava Krishnan posted 188 Reviews
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Dubu Dubu SEOUL Food

Cuisines Korean

My overall dining experience with Dubu Dubu SEOUL Food was really good.

Jiamin posted 16 Reviews


Cuisines Korean

03 2141 0224

Overall Rating: 5.5/10. This place is run by a Korean couple, hence, I was expecting a tinge of authenticity in their food. I was dissapointed towards the end of the meal.

spicysharon posted 315 Reviews

Yogur Berry

Cuisines Korean Pastries

The interior of the café is bright and cheerful. It might be a suitable place for young ladies or couples to have their dessert. This yogurt ice-cream was originated from Korea since 2004.