Sushi Zento

Cuisines Japanese

I love the interior of this restaurant.

Duckie posted 304 Reviews
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Imperial Art Cottage

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Tue – Sun: 11am – 9pm (close on Monday)

The Mapo beancurb doesn't taste like the mapo tauhu at all. It taste quite similar to the sweet & sour rice above with more spicy and sour. I think the taste of their Chinese food need to be improved. Just go for their Japanese food!

Su Fen posted 153 Reviews

Iwate Ramen

Cuisines Japanese

So head over to Iwate Ramen if you're game for some good flavoured eggs and springy ramen.

missyblurkit posted 266 Reviews

Sushi Zento 膳户

Cuisines Japanese

Sushi Zento 的定价属于高价位,但是食物的水平实在是让人很失望。 而且,员工的素质也有待加强,我们只是要点餐就叫了侍应生3,4次,还得等个10分钟才可以点餐。