ChinaTown Dessert 糖仁街甜品屋

Business Hour MON - THU (11:30am - 1am) FRI - SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAY & EVE (11:30am - 2am)

Value SET LUNCH is available on MON - SAT


The glutinous rice balls are filled with black sesame are very delicious. The ginger soup is very spicy and it is really fit this whole dessert. However, I still feel that I prefer to have peanuts filling rather than black sesame.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews
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Restoran New Twenty-Twenty 2020 美食中心

Cuisines Chinese Hawker
Business Hour Breakfast and lunch only

The places where decent Kolo Mee (Kuching) could be found.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews

Restaurant Bao Bao 你吃宝宝了吗?

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Mon - Fri : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm / Sat – Sun : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

This restaurant is owned by and runs by a group of talented young people.


We came across this restaurant which Cat says (oddly enough) means “have you eaten at Bao Bao yet?” or something to that effect in Mandarin. Being an end lot, the restaurant has no wall on one side providing excellent ventilation. A lot of the times we demur from a few restaurants that were stifling and stuffy. With furnishings with wooden chairs and tables, you get an almost “school canteen” feel about the place. While we had no issues with the taste of the dishes we were eventually served with, we had problems with the blatant misrepresentation. What was touted as Fried Pork with Nan Lu Pan Mee in the end turned out to be normal Pan Mee with Barbequed Pork Belly (“Char Siu”), with no hint of fermented bean curd at all! Oh well, since it is a small unassuming and nondescript restaurant, we will take no further offence.

harrycath posted 20 Reviews

Fish Head Noodle Pandan Indah

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Opens at 5pm and closes at 8 or 10pm (depending how fast it gets sold out).

Restoran Kin Kin

Cuisines Chinese

Their main branch is at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, packed most of the times. The decor was simple, minimalist, with furnitures resembling those from period dramas (ancient period mind you, not the monthly kind =P) and the place is air-conditioned. Parking's a breeze, but not sure if the same can be said during peak hours.


Each bowl is served dry with poached egg, minced meat (pork), 'chu yao char' (lard fritter), 'ikan bilis' (Anchovy) and a small separate bowl of vegetables with egg soup.

ShannonChow posted 26 Reviews

Momo Cafe

Cuisines Chinese

With the price being paid, well, i would rate this coffee at 65%, passed with credit.

Jessycayong posted 127 Reviews

Restoran Golden Tin

Cuisines Chinese

The prawn mee and yong tau foo are the two stalls you should head straight for when you're here. The prawn mee can rival some of the best I've had and their fried shallots are as fresh as you can get, so make sure you ask for extra (for a small fee lah) if you're a big fan of fried shallots like me. Also, don't miss the extra-long fried fu chuk roll with your other favourite yong tau foo types while you're here.


Tao Tao Ju Bat Gut Teh

Cuisines chinese

Something interesting about this shop is their yam rice! They even have long bean rice on other days. Heard it was good! The rice was YUMMY!

Yang Mooi Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Their signature dish of stewed mixed beef was not available, only on Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday, we will go back on the correct days. We rounded off our meal with herbal tea.

low.b.leong posted 474 Reviews

Restoran Taste It

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Mon-Sun (9.30am-9pm)-off Thursday

China Town Dessert

Cuisines Chinese Asian Fusion
Business Hour Mon - Thu: 11:30 am - 1:00 am Fri - Sun: 11:30 am - 2:00 am