Coriander Leaf Cafe

Cuisines Asian
Business Hour 8am to 7pm

Do private functions at our restaurant and caterings. Do call for more information.


Chicken Curry Kapitan is well known as a distinct Nyonya fare. Although I think that the appearance of the dish doesn't appeal to me, the taste was exceptional. It's certainly a great dish to recommend to spicy food lover, especially if you love to eat your rice with lots of sauces.

li_ping posted 26 Reviews
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Cuisines Asian

Kai See Hor Fun (Shredded chicken kuay-teow in soup) is my favourite dish here ... The kon-loh (dry) version just doesn't have the same ... ooomph!

juliansi posted 1033 Reviews

The Makan Place

Cuisines Asian

This might not be the place for you if you’re picky on food quality and would prefer a place that’s less congest and has better ventilation.

goldfries posted 138 Reviews