Red Wok Restaurant


Reasonably priced halal chinese and thai dishes. Extensive food & drinks menu.

JM Beriani House in Bangi

Cuisines Malay Western

It's a two shoplots, very modern design, fully airconditioned and with some of the finest foods. Family with kids free to move about in large dining with sofa seats.

JM Bariani House

Cuisines Local Western

Restaurant with air condition which suitable for family and corporate.

Murtabak Raja

Cuisines Kelantan

Delivery service for Murtabak Raja, Kelantan cuisine

Restoran Mai Makan

Cuisines Halal Malay Steamboat
Business Hour 8:30am - 11:00pm

Sarapan pagi : Lempeng, nasi lemak dan lain lain Makanan Tengahari : Masakan kampung, Steamboat & Grill Buffet,

Chico's Restaurant

Cuisines Local Halal


Cuisines Dessert

The customer service is good and the cheese tarts taste great! Highly recommended especially for cheese lovers.

Begonia Coffee House

Cuisines Western